About Us

Hi there! I’m Isaac Oakeson. And as a civil engineer like you, I bet you’ve already also seen those t-shirts for civil engineers all over the place, right? 🤔

You know, the ones with the cheesy sayings, lousy slogans, and terrible designs that you’d never actually use? Our story begins exactly with them! The lack of high-quality, professional-looking gear for civil engineers.

Tired of these products, I dreamed of a place where civil engineers could find products that resonate with their professionalism, engineering side, while still not letting go of style.

That’s when Civil Engineer Gear was born! It’s where products for civil engineers like you and me get a professional upgrade, look, and feel. 😉

I’ve been helping civil engineers in their career for more than a decade now with their professional exams, and I saw this as an opportunity to expand that support.

Civil Engineer Gear is not just a store. It’s an extension of our commitment to the civil engineering profession and community!

Our mission is clear — to elevate the status of the civil engineering profession. The built environment is the backbone of society, and civil engineers like you and me play a pivotal role in it. So civil engineers deserve products that reflect their value, knowledge, hard work. 👷

To make this a reality, we’re on a journey of crafting professional products you’ll be proud to own and wear as a civil engineer.

From stylish apparel to functional accessories, our products are designed with your day-to-day as a civil engineer in mind, whether you’re in the office, on a construction site, burning the midnight oil studying for your exams, or enjoying some downtime on the weekends.

Join us in celebrating the incredible world of civil engineering! 🏗️ 💪